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Eating Outside the Pizza Box

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Studentsts living in dorms have had a reoccurring issue with sleeping right through dinnert. When pulling an all-nighter and the munchies attack at midnight, hunger wins the battle. Rather than getting fancy, it seems easier to just have a Snickers “because you’re not you when you’re hungry.”

“I just keep water in my frig, so I won’t be tempted, but then I go and spend money,” said Karla Vermullen, an honors student at the Ornelas Hall.

Step 2
Step 2

Cooking meals instead of going out to buy food every night is also a good way to save money and lay off McDonalds fast food stops for a change.

Nonetheless, creating actual meals with only the tools allowed in a college dorm is tricky. Dorm rules state that hot plates, toasters, ovens, deep fryers, skillets, and fire hazards of any kind are prohibited.

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Being able to make a decent meal with only a coffee pot, frig and access to the microwaves in the laundry rooms is hard but still possible with the right appliances and a few creative ideas.

Having a blender is one of the most practical and beneficial appliances a student can own . It doesn’t take up much space, and can be used to prepare many dishes. For example, with a little milk, yogurt, and choice of favorite fruits, a smoothie for breakfast is only a pulse away.

Cherry Pie Recipe Card

Also, with a bit of chopped avocado, diced onion, lime juice and all-purpose seasoning mixed up in a blender, one can prepare homemade guacamole, and serve along with tortilla chips. It is the perfect snack for an all-night studying session before midterms.

For a good Mexican meal, put guacamole on a tortilla, warm up some pre-cooked fajita meat in the microwave and add some sour cream, cheese and salsa for extra flavor. A perfect taco!

There’s more that can be done with the microwave than just popping popcorn. has tons of microwave recipes like “Easy-Bake Apple Pie,” “Jammin’ Jambalaya,” and “Chili-Coated Chicken.”

“Five layer deep is pretty easy to make,” said Shardee Harrison, a second floor resident at Ornelas B. Hall. Harrison 

There are dozens of snacks, meals and desserts that can be done when cooking in the dorms by doing a little research and having some ingredients.

makes it by layering re-fried beans, guacamole, salsa and sour cream, one on top of the other, adding cheese and microwaving it for 40 seconds.

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