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Failure to Launch

Millennials are not the majority of the workforce but, they will be in the next six years.

Millennials are categorized as the people who were born between 1981 and the early 2000s. According to Pew Research, more than one in three millennials are now currently living at home with their parents. The analysis of U.S. Census Bureau data noted that the portion of millennials living at home is the highest share in at least four decades, with a record of 21.6 million crashing with mom and dad. Unemployment is the biggest factor associated with living with parents.

“I feel that the judgement is based on a certain class of person. Their parents don’t force the kid to figure it out for themself. My friends that don’t live at home are still getting hand outs by their parents. My blame is put on the parents in those cases,” said Claudia Noland graduate of TJC. “Also getting married too young can play a part in it.”

According to, millennials have the stereotype of being entitled, spoiled, slackers and discontented. Now a new national poll suggests that far from being slackers, this generation is made up of young adults who have been stung hard by our weak economy. They are cutting back on entertainment and vacations and they are reluctant to make important life decisions like starting a family and taking advantage of the first-time home buyers discount.

“I think it’s not about Millenials, I think it’s the lack of education of how to go about getting a job and keeping that job,” said Lisa Allen, General manager of Express Employment Professionals, a job seeking agency in Tyler. “If you don’t know the basics, interview prep, how to fill out a resume, or how to dress, ultimately it all matters. Millenials shouldn’t get a bad rep in my opinion. They are very intuitive and very saavy. There is so much talent in that age group and they have so much to offer.”

An option for job seekers to check into is employment agencies. They are a full service staffing agency and they serve local businesses with both full-time and temporary staffing and job placement in addition to providing human resource services and consulting. Express Employment Professionals staffing solutions include evaluation and direct hire, temporary and contract staffing, professional search and contract, flexible staffing, and onsite services. Basically, this service “grooms” the applicant to prepare for hire.

“I think it has to do with the way you are raised. I was raised in a home with strict parents that pushed me to do well,” said AShleigh Brents, graduate of TJC. “Others may not have the support they need to do well. Millennial may not have that “inner push” to do better for themselves. I put the blame on both the parents and the person as well.”

The Workforce Solutions East Texas Center, located at 4100 Troup Highway in Tyler, is designed to help people find jobs in East Texas and surrounding areas. A college student or graduate looking for work can register online or in person to apply for jobs. If the student does not have access to a computer, there are computers available at the center. People can browse certain jobs available for their particular interests and experience. This is one agency in Tyler that can help find work for a graduate or current student looking for work.

“Appreciation and respect are learned at home and encouragement is something so crucial to a person’s success. I think kids rise to the expectations of those around them as a general rule,” said Shannon Rivers, a 2014 fall student of TJC. “Parents want to give their child a better life than they had and not repeat their own childhood. In that process, they spoil them. You can’t really appreciate something you didn’t have to work for.”

To add to the stereotype, millennials have a reputation for being unable to work on their own—and for needing constant guidance. The good news in Millennials offer some good things to the work place. According to Millennials are technology and social media natives, they respect excellence, and they are cynical about any formal announcement. Millennials tend to question things before they believe them.

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