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Find Tranquility in Tyler

A lavender gate in the Brick Street Village of Tyler awaits those seeking abundant inspiration of our nature, god’s creativity mixed with the talent of a landscaper.

Dory’s Garden is an outdoor design and resource center, a place for those seeking ideas to be creative with their gardens or even those that enjoy more of the outdoor scene.

“I just really want the community to enjoy it,” said Dory Hersey, owner of Dory’s Garden.

Dory’s is an extraordinary spot, with each area of the garden being unique. The patio is in Morse code, and it is not color-coated, but in dots and dashes.

“The patio is very unusual in that it spells in Morse code different names for Jesus, like Redeemer, Light of the World, Prince of Peace,” said Hersey.

Lavender and bright neon green are a theme as one takes a stroll through the garden, and a Plant Buffet where you can pick a pot and a plant to make yourself and a stalk exchange, a spot in the garden for you to exchange your plant with someone else’s.

Hersey was a landscaper for 20 years before opening up Dory’s Garden.

“I always said I was going to be that little old lady by the road in a straw hat. So here I am. I’m not the little old lady yet, but I do wear a straw hat and I am by the road,” said Hersey.

“So it just developed into this garden that is a dream,” she said.

Hersey also features several artisans, who put their work for sale on consignment, and she would love for it to turn into more of an outdoor art gallery and is open to the idea of letting students consigning their art there.

“So any students that are in ceramics class, or anything that could be outdoors, I could even have an area for students,” said Hersey.

“I like to use plants as art, and design,” Hersey said. “I look at myself as a garden artist.”

Dory’s is even a place to find gifts like plant arrangements, all kinds of garden decor like wind chimes and even thank you cards for family and friends.

“What’s such a blessing is that often times people will come through looking for a gift for somebody, or somebody is in the hospital and they want to give them a live plant,” Hersey said, “and so we can take the plant, find a pot and put it together for you on the spot. It’s a free service, so you have a hand in designing it and it makes it very special, or I have ready-made ones too.”

The bright coloring of the decor, the sounds of the waterfall and birds chirping and whistling, create for a serene environment.

“We have a lot of gatherings here; a lot of my friends will come and bring lunch or have a cup of coffee. I do open it to the community, you know I don’t have wifi but we have got waterfalls, so it’s different,” Hersey said.

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Hersey is open to the idea of bringing more music and arts in general to the garden.

“Any music students who want to just come sit up in the garden, there may be just people trickling in, there may be crowds, we never know, and that bench outside would be a great place to set up an acoustic guitar.”

Hersey even offers those who visit her garden a cup of market spice tea, and serves it hot in the winter time.

A lot of events occur in Dory’s Garden and in the brick street village on the first Friday of the month, which typically include sales, demonstrations and giveaways. On December 6, the brick street village is having its annual Brick Street stroll.

“What’s fun about that is that we all dress in period costumes, it’s an old-fashioned Christmas in the village,” Hersey said.

Hersey has created a spectacular venue with Dory’s Garden, with it being a place for people to relax.

“People can stop and sit and have a time of peace and reflection, and we don’t take the time, so often times I will invite them to come sit and I feel like I’m making new friends and just giving them something they might not get elsewhere, especially in the middle of the city,” Hersey said.

As Dory says, “Inspiration awaits beyond the lavender gate.”

Dory’s Garden is open Thursday-Friday 9 a.m.-5 p.m. and Saturday 9 a.m.-3 p.m. and is closed on Sunday. Dory’s Garden is located on 304 West Phillips Street, Tyler, Texas 7570.

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