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Finding Your Niche

First day of school jitters don’t stop at the college experience. Stepping onto a college campus for the first time is one of the frightening moves a student will ever make.

“College is scary, It’s a whole new experience. You’re most likely away from all of your friends, and it’s the first time you’ve really been out on your own,” said Lauren Tyler, coordinator of Student Life.

Many freshmen coming into Tyler Junior College are unfamiliar with the college scene and feel a little lost when they first arrive, however they are not alone.

“It was really scary when I came here. I didn’t know anyone,” Terrance Franklin, a sophomore Apache Chief, said.

Many freshmen share the same feelings as Franklin when they first come to the school. Luckily, TJC has a student organization office that can help students find their niche.

There are around 60 organizations on TJC’s campus. There is a group for everyone, no matter what a students interests are. Some of these groups are, the Apache Activity Counsel, the Black Student Association, the Baptist Student Ministries, the Anime club, the Student Senate, and there is even a paintball group. All of these organizations were created in an effort to make students feel at home.

All of the information on these groups can be found in the Center for Student Life and Involvement Office located on the second floor of Rogers Student Center.

“Attending the student senate meetings is a great way to know what’s going on, on campus,” said Tyler.

“It would have been extremely hard for me, as an active student, to not have an organization to be with. You need those people to depend on. Otherwise, I think that’s where you lose other students,” Tyler said.

Austen Reed, the student senate president, advised freshmen, “to get involved, know the right people, and get in good with your teachers.”

A couple of big events coming up in the near future are Parents Weekend, which is happening September 14-15, and homecoming week activities, which are still being planned.

When it comes to getting involved, Tyler advised students to “treat it like a blind date and put yourself out there.”

To find out more about the different groups on campus, go online at Click on the “Campus Life” link and under “Student Clubs and Organizations”; there will be a list of all the different clubs. Students can also visit the Center for Student Life and Involvement Office on the second floor of Rogers Student Center or call their office at 903-510-2797.

Hannah Johnson

Staff Writer



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