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First Impressions or Not Impressed?

Incoming and returning students share their thoughts around TJC campus

Photos and interviews by Garrison Nichols

Atsunobu Takemoto

Q: “For your time attending TJC, has it gotten better or worse?” 

A: “I don’t know, I got used to American Culture. In Japan, not used to talking opinion, and in US, they need to speak their opinion in class”

Zane Etue

Q: “How is TJC as far as first impressions go?”

A: “I like coming here. The classes take a bit long. That’s college.

Lacey Bonds

Q: “How do you think TJC has improved over the course of your time here?”

A: “I feel like staff with emails and checking on me and our well-being; and stuff like that. The food has gotten better too, the pizza specifically.”

Alex Carter

Q: “What are your first impressions of TJC for your first semester?”

A: “A lot to get accustomed to, but once I asked questions, things started to go smoothly once I understood how classes were organized.”

Nathan McLain

Q: “What are your first impressions here?”

A: “A little different than what I expected but not going to lie, a lot like high school, just mature.”

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