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How to Survive College

Maya Gayler, Managing Editor

College is challenging for any type of student, especially a new high school graduate. It is an exciting new chapter in their lives.

The transition is not always easy. Everyone has their own personal struggles. In order to start this path of success, you must have the mindset to succeed. Starting college with the understanding that this is not high school and it might take some extra effort is getting a step ahead. Many incoming freshman make the mistake of being swept up in the social aspect rather than their studies. It is difficult for many to be on their own for the first time, without anyone telling them what to every hour of every day.

It is one thing to make friends, it is another to get involved. If you are someone who has difficulty making friends, finding an organization that fits your interest can help with your success. Being involved on campus helps make connections within the community and gain experience working with others. Getting involved may feel impossible to some because of the already daunting task of being a college student. Most students go to class and work, and that may be enough for them. It takes dedication to be involved on campus, but it benefits the student.

Being able to be involved and be a student can help with time management skills. Time management is important to learn early on to be able to balance a career and adult life. In college, students can use this skill to study in a timely manner and have assignments done early rather than at the last minute. Studying a few days before an exam will help you retain the information, rather than cramming the night before. Professors enjoy students who turn in assignments before the due date.

Whether you are a freshman or a sophomore, do not let yourself fall behind this new school year. Take action and find the motivation to make it through the semester. Push yourself out of your comfort zone and find an organization to commit to. Make sure to stay on top of your studies and find people who feed into your mindset of success.

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