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‘I be on my suit & tie’

A sharp-dress suit can either break or make the outcome of a job interview, and in the competitive world of business, dressing is the key.

It takes everything to succeed from a confident attitude, poised manner and impeccable hygiene to the well-pressed slacks for a college student to get a job.

“It’s the whole package,” Dijana Armstrong, mathematics professor from Tyler Junior College, said. “You have to have the degree, number one. You have to have the experience, second, but the first impression is important.”

Common sense of what to wear and what not to wear can be clarified by a job description. The guidelines of professional dressing are not always clear. New job roles in which the appearance is perhaps not always the main concern, dressing professional is still a must. The rules behind a professional outfit are different in men and women.

For men, a three piece is more appropriate. The pieces include slacks, dress shirt and depending on the preference, the third piece can either be a tie, vest, blazer, or jacket suit. The must have for men is a belt and close toe shoes in good condition either polished or buffed. Depending on the company’s requirements, tattoos, facial or long hair, and facial piercings could be discourage, so getting to know the company’s policies before the interview is important. With a clean smile, fresh new hair cut and shined shoes, a good first impression is guaranteed.

The same three-piece rule goes for women as well. The pieces are slacks or a knee length skirt, a dress or stylish shirt and the third piece would be a blazer, jacket suit or a cardigan. When picking accessories, a rule to remember is to stay simple and classy. Avoid oversize jewelry, which at times may seem sloppy and distract the interviewee. Shoes with a heel can enhance and pull an outfit more together but flat dressy shoes can be worn as well.

When wearing the right outfit, be confident and obtain the right knowledge about the company who is hiring.

“Clothes matter. Look your best,” Armstrong said. “There is way too much competition, so you can  be as good as what you do but you have to present yourself at the same level too,”

“The more professional you are and dressed, the more professional you’ll be treated.  If you’re not putting yourself together, if you’re not tucking that shirt in, if you are not putting that belt on, you are not going to be treated with that same level of respect,” said Kathy Bosley, owner of Clothes Mentor, a resale shop for women located behind Fresh by Brookshire’s on Old Jacksonville Hwy.

Bosley, who has had experience in the hiring process for her business, highlighted that the key points of getting hired is in the professional appearance. First impressions and mannerisms also contribute to a successful interview and a potential second interview.

“Even though we have a more casual appearance these days, you can get more respect if you are put together in a more professional way,” said Bosley.

Although a job in social media or call center representative is not exactly seen in person by the consumer, the external appearance of any individual plays a major role in the hiring process. Easy to wear and wrinkle free attire is promoted through media channels and may be appealing to a college students but the truth about professional apparel still stands the test of time in major job positions.

Preparing individuals, who are in search of a job or a career opportunity, is the goal of Workforce Solutions East Texas. With courses on how to build a resume, acquire professional mannerisms and display a professional appearance, they enable a person to sell his or herself for a position. The company is located on Troup Hwy; doors are open to all, including current students.

“The entire appearance comes into play,” Steven Lynch, area director of the Workforce Solutions East Texas said. “Your hair, your jewelry, your clothing your shoes, all of that your employer gains an impression from. And so they draw positive things about you when you’re well dress.”

The key of getting the job is in the input and effort of the professional appearance. With these helpful guidelines a student can potentially have a better chance at a job position.

“Look your best all the times, because you never know when opportunity is going to present itself,” said Armstrong.

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