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Last open mic night ends on a high note

By Julia Contarelli

Student Life Editor

The last Open Mic Night of the 2016 spring semester started with a line long enough that students had to wait outside.

Students hurried to line up and sign in to see the performances inside the Apache Rooms. With no more space to sit in the chairs, students sat on the floor and stood in the area by the side of the stage.

Once inside, students watched others perform many exhibitions of talent. Performances varied from girls twerking to others singing religious songs.

A group called “Divas” presented four choreographed performances. Their movements included floor work and dances rooted in ballet and contemporary styles. The group has eight girls, all in black uniforms with a golden belt and black shoes.

After their performances, they didn’t walk out like the other performers — they danced off the stage. The music was turned back on and they marched, as a group to the exit.

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