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Last Day to Leave the Dorms

There are about 1,000 students living on campus who have to make sure all their belongings are out by noon on May 9. If not, their belongings will be considered abandoned property and may be charged a $100 fine.

“We keep their belongings for 30 days and they receive a letter to inform them that they have abandon property and there is a $100 charge for it. If they don’t come and get their things within those days they have to pay and we usually give their things away to a charity,” said Assistant Director of Residential Life Aukse Harris.

Students who have a final on during that time, need to talk to their Resident Assistant (RA), so it won’t be a problem when an RA has to come by and check all of the rooms. If students don’t talk to their RA, they will be charged with a $25 fine.

“They have to communicate with staff to let us know ahead of time. Like for example if a student has class at 2 after the deadline to be out by 12. We won’t mind if the student came to us to let us know ahead of time, but that student should pack before their last finale. When they get done, all they have to do is come back to get their things and check out. Students who are graduating walking in the ceremony, they can stay til 10 Saturday morning,” said Harris.

Students who finish their finals earlier in the week are encouraged to pack up and leave as soon as possible.

“I’m leaving Wednesday, but I’m going to start packing on Tuesday to make sure I get all of my belongings together. I feel like the time on May 9 is not enough to get all of your belongings out especially for students who have a lot of things. Their parents might have to work and won’t be able to come get them til after 12,” said freshman Faith Ferguson.

Before leaving, students have to make sure they clean their room and take trash out. If not they will be charged with a $25 fine.

“I’m thinking about taking my final early because I don’t think I will have enough time to pack and get out on time before noon on Friday. I think they should give us more time. What if some students have class (on the) day of the deadline and how are they suppose to work around the time,” said freshman Diya Craft.

The week of April 20 the Halls will hold mandatory floor meetings for semester closing procedures. Students should look for the exact date and time of the meeting for their hall.

For more information contact Aukse Harris at or 903-510-3267.

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