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Maymester Benefits

93f351a7-0f2b-4978-99bd-63fffa51c6b3Maymester is an intense three-week-long session offered at TJC starting May 12. Students are allowed to choose one course from a list of Maymester course options. The basic English, Math, and History courses will be offered along with a few unique classes that have been added to the Maymester course line-up.

“Typically, there are only general study courses offered, but this year there are a few unique courses like World Religion and Criminal Justice for students,” said Silvana Vierkant, lead academic advisor for Humanities, Communications and Fine Arts. “If courses fill up, additional courses and sections are added.”

Online registration for Maymester starts April 6 and will continue through May 7. Payment for the course needs to be made on or before May 8. Maymester classes will officially start on May 12. Classes are typically more interactive and extremely fast paced. Students interested in taking a Maymester course can choose from hybrid, online or campus classes. The campus classes typically start at 9 a.m. and end at noon. The accelerated pace means students should be prepared to move through the material quickly and try hard not to miss any days during the course.

“Usually, we have a lot of our students as well as transient students, students who take Maymester courses while attending another college, registering for Maymester. We are always expecting a large turn out for it,” Vierkant said.

According to Denny Yarborough, coordinator in the Registrar’s office at TJC, there will be a new pull-down tab labeled “MayTerm” for easy access for students in their Apache Access. The tab will be available to use for online registration on April 6 – May 7. There will be a list of about 30 different courses from which to choose.

“The main reason I am choosing to take a Maymester course is because this is the last year I can use my medical term book,” Radiology student Matthew Burns said. “The book works for both Med term 1 and 2, and then they change the book. It will be beneficial for me to get my money’s worth. I’ve done so well with Med term 1, that I don’t see dragging out a whole semester when I can just focus on the one class alone for Maymester.”

Maymester compresses a semester’s worth of material into three quick weeks. Students will receive three credits for a speedy three week course. A list of courses offered will be available under the Mayterm tab on Apache Access starting April 6.

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