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Meeting an advisor can save time on college careers

By Aji Fatou Sakho

Staff Writer

The earlier an advisor is met, the higher the chance of getting everything on track.

From deans to teachers, academic advisors help guide students with their degree during their temporary stay.

When fall and spring commences, the advisors have a bit more breathing space as most students would already be organized into their curriculums, however, they’re always advised to visit at least a few times during the semester. Although school is currently in progress, they’re always available to potential and current students.

“We give the students a lot of informative stuff, so we don’t just talk about classes, we talk about their degree plans if they’re not a 100 percent sure,” said Kimberly Tucker, lead academic advisor.

Students’ that have courses not offered at TJC can gain useful guidance. Not meeting an advisor, on the other hand, can also drag some unwanted consequences for students.

“It may have delayed them with graduation… or they may realize they’ve missed the deadline to apply for graduation,” said Tucker.

In the summer on the contrary, the advising offices are packed. The advisers schedule is full.

“We always encourage them to try to come in early to get their advisement that needs taking care of,” said Stephanie Arriola, advisor of Professional and Technical Program.

Students will also have the choice of walking-in and not waiting for a long line compared to summer, additionally, they can book appointments with their advisors and have a chance of meeting at a preferred schedule.

Students also tend to depend on a program known as Degree Works. This technology lists out all the courses that need to be taken before graduation, but also all of the achieved grades. However, it’s not meant for students’ to take matters into their own hands and solely build their path.

“There is so much to know in the field of advising that students aren’t aware of…we’ll have some students that try to self-advise,” said Jessie Tilmon, advisor for School of Engineering, Mathematics and Sciences.

Students might sign in for the wrong classes when self-advising.

Just like any other technology, there is always the possibility of breakdowns but fortunately for these advisors, backups are not an issue.

“We don’t just only use degree works, we could get student’s transcripts… we sit down and look at the catalogs,” said Tucker.

The advisors of TJC are also separated by field, they make sure students are encouraged to their utmost potential.

“It may have delayed them with graduation… or they may realize they’ve missed the deadline to apply for graduation” she says as there are always paperwork that needs to be filled.

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