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Multiple TJC clubs join together to make a successful event

By Robert Burke

Online Editor


TJC clubs joined forces to hold a Halloween bash to bring students closer together.

“I wanted to get the groups to work together and get to know more people,” said Apache Press Club President Amber Jones.

The Apache Press Club wanted to hold a Halloween costume party, but S.A.G.E. wanted to hold a costume contest party of their own.  Members of S.A.G.E. even booked the Gold Room in Ornelas Hall for the event. With so many TJC groups holding parties on campus, students have a lot dividing their attention. So the clubs, with the help of the Paintball Club and Art Club, decided to mix their respective parties and hold one large Halloween costume party for all of their members to mix and mingle together.

“We thought that it would bring more people if we joined other organizations together than it would be to separate and have clubs doing their own fundraisers in the same room,” said Paintball Club member Megan Benton.

The groups came together for a meeting to discuss the event. Each group had responsibilities for the party such as games, music, food, and drinks. The planning was rushed and communication between groups was difficult, but in the end things paid off.

The party costed $1 to get in and upon entering, students received a raffle ticket for games and a Halloween contest at the end of the night. Prizes were awarded to lucky students, including movie tickets, gift cards, and of course, candy. The Halloween bash started a little slow while students got to know each other. The party was originally only going to run until 8 p.m. However, more and more students started to arrive and the groups began to start mingling, causing the party to last until 10:30 that night.

“S.A.G.E. is a place for those who feel like they don’t currently have (a place), like they don’t

belong, and a place for those who want to change it so that no one else ever has to feel that way,” said S.A.G.E. Senator Austin Bell. “We made friends last night, and the more that come next time, the more friends we will  make.

Students who came to the event seemed to have a great time laughing, dancing, and enjoying the evening.

“It was a blast,” said Freshmen Taira Edney, 19. “My favorite part was being able to meet new people, eat and hang out.”

By the end of the night, one thing was certain: the party was a success and each group wanted to do it again on a larger scale.

“S.A.G.E., Press Club, and the Paintball Club accomplished our goal and purpose as clubs, to bring people together through a common interest,” said Bell. “Next time, we will make it an even bigger success and make even more friends.”

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