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New aviation organization flies onto campus

Apache Aeros is a new student organization at Tyler Junior College that focuses on aviation, aerospace and the aeronautics field. Meetings are held at 4 p.m. on the first Thursday of every month in the Genecov Science Buildings, Room 227. All students are encouraged to attend.

“We’re a student-led organization that helps fellow students find a passion for flight,” Amelia Beam, Apache Aeros president, said.

Beam found a passion for aviation in high school, where the opportunity to explore the field was given. Students who might have not been given the same opportunity may now join Apache Aeros.

Students will be taught different components and knowledge of aviation to give them

the ability to explore flight.

“They [students] will be able to learn many things from lessons on the science of aviation, the process of getting a license and the schools/jobs available in the field,” Jordan Montalvo, Apache Aeros vice president, said.

Members of Apache Aeros will be able to fly real planes, visit aviation sites, listen to guest speakers, participate in competitions and more. Students will be provided opportunities to pursue a career in piloting.

“You can network with pilots, earn real flight time, find certified flight instructors, earn scholarships, volunteer work and gain ground experience,” Beam said.

Although TJC currently has no program for anyone seeking an education in aviation, Apache Aeros allows students to gain the required knowledge to obtain their pilot’s license. 

“We can’t provide the instruction for the license, but we can help students find local flight instructors so they can begin their training or maybe find a college program that offers aviation training. Our president is currently working on her license, and another member is looking to start his training in the next month or so,” Karen Williams, Apache Aeros adviser, said.

Unlike ordinary college classes, flight hours received as a student pilot will transfer to any state.

For more information, visit their organization page at 

“I’m looking forward to giving any interested students the ability to pursue this career, especially since there are chances to get scholarships to help those with financial needs,” Montalvo said.

Meetings will be held in Genecov, Room 227

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