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New Residential Hall Coming in 2015

Coming soon to Tyler Junior College will be a new residential hall.

“We’re in the planning stage of constructing the residential building and the dirt should start turning in March. It’s slated to open in the fall 2015,” said Director Auxiliary Services Diana Karol.


The residential hall is going to be located between Baxter and Magnolia and where the Purchasing Department and Grace Building is located, said Karol.

The new residential hall is going to be built with 250 rooms with 2 beds assign per a room, including 4 floors.

“There will be a roommate that share a full bath with another room with two people, and the RA will have a private room,” said Karol.

There hasn’t been a name or rate determined for the new residential building. It’s still being designed as well with the parking lot.

“We don’t know how we’re going to place students in a room with the new residential hall yet but there will be a roommate that shares a full bath with another room with two people,” said Karol.

The demand to live on campus has grown over the years with currently 971 students on campus, including the waiting list to expand with some students not getting a room.

The Housing application is found on Apache Access. Housing applications are accepted year-round and assignments are made based on the date the completed on-line Housing application is received in the Residential Life and Housing Department. Applying and completing your Housing file early improves the possibility of getting a room on campus. There is a $100 one-time, non-refundable Application Processing fee. This fee can not be paid by Financial Aid or Scholarships. Applicants automatically put on the Waiting List will pay the $100 one-time non-refundable application-processing fee if they are assigned a room. After being placed, they have 10 days to pay the $100 non-refundable application-processing fee. If the $100 fee is not paid within 10 days, the room will be assigned to the next applicant on the Waiting List.

In the spring 2015 the residential director are going to start marking the cost for the new residential hall. Students will be able to apply for the new residential hall for the fall 2015. Any person interested in knowing more about the new residential building should go to Residential Life and Housing Director Auxiliary Services Diana Karol or call 903-510-2345.






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