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New Student Rates for the Tyler Transit System

Are you pumping gas or walking on grass?

Not all students on or off campus have a car, so how do they get around? Students who don’t have a car may phase many disadvantages and still have to find ways to get around. Nether the less, work they’re rides and bus route schedules around their plans.

TJC student, Jahvon Aguilera explained how hectic his schedule is without a car.

“Having no car in college is like going to the mall without money, you can’t do anything,” said Aguilera, “You can’t do anything. You can’t do what you want to do, whenever you want to because you always have to depend on people for rides.”

Although there is a bus system for the city of Tyler and TJC students, Aguilera prefers getting a ride from friends that can take him where he needs to go instead of riding the bus.

Soccer player and student, Stephanie Luna explained how hard it is for her not having a car and living in the dorms.

“It’s a pain in the butt. Whenever you need stuff you can’t move around, you have to rely on someone and around their schedule,” said Luna “You always have to worry about that person’s gas or giving them gas money.”

Soccer player for the men’s soccer team and student, Milton Sangabriel explains how he gets around.

“You have to ask for a ride everywhere you go and depend on people for their car,” said Sangabriel, “You have to plan things ahead of time. For example if you’re going to Walmart you have to make sure to get food that will last you so you don’t have to keep asking for rides to go back.”

Rashad Thompson, TJC students unfortunately went from having a car to not having one anymore after a wreck.

“You have to move around other people’s time. Can’t do what you want to do when you want to,” said Thompson, “I didn’t know they had buses available, but I would ride it.”

TJC offers bus passes for students who are interested in riding the bus. The sticker goes on your student ID and it allows you to ride the bus for free.

TJC students, Krysten May and Bria Johns tell us what riding the bus is like.

“I ride the bus because it’s the easiest way around Tyler,” said May.

Krysten May lives in the Village of the U, which are student apartments and rides the bus every day to and from school. Krysten explained how she has to remember the times the bus comes so after class she can be on time and not have to wait for the next bus which takes longer.

“I get out of class at 4:45, and sometimes I get off work later than that so I just have to know the schedule and work myself around it,” said May, “It’s annoying not being able to go where you want to. My mom has to come down to Tyler every three weeks to take me to do groceries or do whatever it is that I need to do.”

Although some students aren’t aware that there is a bus system available there are many students that do ride the bus. Most TJC students who ride the bus stay at school all day until they are done with their day and ride the bus back home at the end of the day. There are buses passing by every hour.

Bria Johns lives in the TJC residential halls bus rides the bus to her friend’s house.

“I ride the bus to go visit my friend, and ride it back but if I need a ride to get around I ask my roommate to take me because she normally does,” said Johns.

In other cases, students who do have a car ride the bus to save gas.

“I ride the bus because it’s cheaper than driving my car,” said student Samuel Parys, “Gas is too expensive plus the bus is free for all TJC students so I use my car whenever I miss the bus.”

Christine Cain, TJC student who also rides the bus shared the advantages and disadvantages of having to ride the bus.

“One huge advantage of riding the bus is that you don’t have to pay for gas. Gas is very expensive. The bus makes enough stops to where every student has a chance to ride it. A lot of students ride the bus so the bus driver makes sure to pick up as many students, so it’s not hard to miss the bus,” said Cain, “Some disadvantages are that you have to wait for the bus. I live in Cambrigde, and although it’s never really late sometimes you do have to wait like 5 minutes. Also I hate when random guys try to talk to me, it happens all the time.”

The buses run every day including weekends but on Saturdays in only half a day. Also on weekends the route hours change. For holidays the schedule is different.

All you have to do is show the driver your pass or pay so you can ride the bus. For Adults 12 and older its $1.00, Children age 11 and under its $0.50, and for Medicare, Seniors (65 and older), and Persons with Disabilities its $0.50. This only includes a one-way trip.

The bus has 5 different routes which include the Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, and Purple route.

For more information about riding the bus you can go to http://www.cityoftyler.org/Departments/TylerTransit.aspx or call 903-533-8057.

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