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Online and In-Person Tutoring in Need of More Student Tutors

This semester is slowly coming back to normal with fewer COVID guidelines, unlike the past two semesters.  Students and teachers are ready to tackle the new semester with events, sports and performances back in person. All around campus there are still safety measures for students, but tutoring services have eased some guidelines.

Director of Tutoring Services Danna Baggett said this update for the upcoming semester.

This image is of one of the tutors.
Image by Emily Niebuhr

“We are still going to do in-person and online tutoring. We are still going to keep the plexiglass panels on the tables and encourage students to wear a mask if they want to, but if they don’t then that’s totally fine, so we will have some out in the center,” Baggett said.

Potter Hall is going to have a new upgrade in their building when it comes to math.

“Now we are going to have a separate math lab over in Potter Hall, but it’s only for certain math classes,” Baggett said.  Math 0324,1324,0232,1332,0342,1342, 0314 and 1314 classes are going to be in Room 204, Baggett said. 

Tutoring services more than ever needs tutors.

“We don’t have as many tutors right now for this upcoming semester as we have in the past, so what I’m going to have to do in the first weeks of school is to recruit heavily again,’’ Baggett said.  “I’m really going to do a big push for a lot of new tutors.”

 TJC students who are interested in learning about how to become a tutor can contact Baggett. 

 According to Baggett, “We really do need more tutors so you have taken at least some of TJC classes in the past, you have to have at least a 3.0-grade point average. Then I take a look at your transcript to see the classes you made A’s in; those are the classes we get tutoring requests for, which include the core classes, writing papers and medical terminology so the tutors be ready for those students.”

Baggett has some advice for new students who may be uncertain about utilizing the free tutoring services.

 “All of our tutors are trained, which means they have a desire to help students. Everybody here is super friendly, and we really do want to see everybody succeed,” Baggett said. “The environment is very welcoming and we want students to trust them too because they are in good hands to take that first step.”

At TJC tutoring services provide additional help for studying.

“We have a lot of study skills here in the center, and we fully believe that if we can show students how to study, things are going to be better for them. A lot of times students have never been shown how to study. All our tutors can show them different study strategies that hopefully help make the material make more sense,” Baggett said. “If students will just come in to trust us, let us have some of their time so we can show them those techniques.”

Baggett said TJC’s Tutoring Services may not have all classes.

“We try to help everybody that we can and we don’t like to turn anybody away,” Baggett said. “The way we try to do that is if we don’t have a subject content tutor for a particular class. We try to encourage students to meet with Tiffany, who is our learning support specialist. She will sit down with students to tell them about studying skills and how to read your textbook more effectively.”

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