Phi Theta Kappa creates Student Resource Center


Phi Theta Kappa students performed research on what could benefit the student body. Their research showed that 80% of students in the area qualified for free or reduced lunch.

Because of their findings, students created the Student Resource Center, located in the Pirtle Technology Center, Room 214.

“Many students don’t have money for needed school supplies or maybe just forgot their notebook or phone charger,” said Gigi Delk, PTK adviser. “If we have those resources available, students are more likely to be prepared and successful in class.”

The Resource Center provides study areas with nine computers, free printing and internet access. It also comes with other materials that are beneficial to students.

Information to access long-term food and materials is also provided at the Student Resource Center. Photo by Chris Swann.

“We have a clothes closet where we try to stock interview type clothing, as well as warm clothing and new socks,” Delk said. “There are plenty of free school supplies to help students be prepared in the classroom, including pens, pencils, highlighters, scantrons, note cards, notebooks and folders.” 

Delk adds they provide personal hygienic items and free foods that help keep students focused in their classes like breakfast bars, fruit cups and more.

The Resource Center and its assets have attracted many students.

“We had over 800 students sign in at the Resource Center last fall,” Delk said.

Students have found the Resource Center to be helpful.

Freshman Kinsey Ponder, “The Student Resource Center has helped me by offering snacks that I can get whenever I don’t have time for breakfast. It’s really an awesome place for students.”

PTK has received support from the School of Professional and Technical Programs and Dean Loretta Swann for this center, as well as funding provided by SSFAC in past semesters.  

SSFAC is funding for campus organizations that comes from the student service fee that’s included in each student’s detailed tuition list. A committee decides how that money will be distributed among the organizations.  

A fund was made for faculty to contribute to help students and the Student Resource Center still benefits from those donations.  

Many students who have received help at the SRC return with donations and encourage their churches to provide donations as well. This past year, PTK was able to successfully apply for a grant to help sustain the center.

Any information regarding bus lines, the campus health clinic, campus security and other outside community resources can also be found in the SRC.

The SRC is open from 8:30 a.m.- 6 p.m. Monday through Thursday and 10 a.m.-2 p.m. Fridays.

The SRC is run by volunteer staff members and work study students and is in constant search of more staff. You can stop by the SRC’s room for more information.

“We are always looking for students interested in volunteering or working with us,” Delk said.