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Photo essay: Getting out and staying active

Being active does have its benefits and overall is important for your health. For college students, some could find getting out and keeping their health a priority difficult. 

Kyle Alexander, a physical therapist, gives advice for students on why they should make their health a priority. “If your body is healthy and active, your mind will be more healthy more active. You’ll feel better, physically and mentally,” Alexander said.

Even though college students can find it difficult to fit in a healthy routine in a busy schedule, little bits of activity here and there still can make a difference in people’s lives. “You can increase the amount of time that you’re physically active. I mean that’s always going to be a win. No matter I mean, if you’re going to the gym for, you know, 10-15 minute workout or just getting an extra walk in, anything more than what you’re already doing is good,” Alexander said.

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