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Prepare for airport restrictions during busy holiday traveling

With the holidays comes the hassle of holiday travel.The line starts to get long as impatient people prepare to get through a security checkpoint at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. Passengers are equipped with at least two carry-on bags, avoiding the high price of checking a bag. Shoes, belts, and bags are thrown into the grey bins, which travel through the scanners checking for passenger contraband. The agent in blue motions to move forward through the metal detector, listening for the sound of the machine alerting the agent that there’s more than meets the eyes.

“Attention passengers, please pay particular attention to your luggage and personal belongings,” the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) announcement overhead chimes in, “unattended luggage will, and personal belongings may be treated as a danger to the facility.”

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Many people wait in line to get through the TSA checkpoint at the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport.

Students who fly often know very well the hassle with going to an airport and getting through a TSA checkpoint. But, for some, this may be their first year to experience the wonders of flying.

Tyler Pounds Airport Manager Davis Dickson knows the hassle himself and gives tips to help ease the stress with travel.

“Always remember, with a small airport, a regional airport like ours, be here an hour before your departure time,” Dickson said. “People always need to remember on that boarding pass, if it says depart at 10:15 he should be on the run way at 10:15.”

Dickson also says to pack light and efficiently and to visit for prohibited items, because the list is always changing. He also says to check the Tyler Pounds website for real time status on flights to make sure they are running on time.

“Making sure lotions and gels are three ounces or less in a single quart size bag,” Dickson said, “that tends to slow people down at our check point. And wear comfortable shoes that are easy to get on.”

According to the TSA website, passengers must leave baseball bats, meat cleavers, swords, spear guns, and cattle prods at home or placed in checked luggage. There’s also the obvious items: dynamite, fireworks, box cutters, and scissors.

The Transportation Security Administration insures safe travel for all passengers.

“If you want to carry a concealed handgun on a check bag you can,” said Dickson, “but declare it.”

According to the website, certain measures must be taken if a person wishes to take a firearm in checked luggage. It states that firearms carried as checked baggage MUST be unloaded, packed in a locked hard-sided container, and declared to the airline at check-in.

Resident assistant of the Honors Living & Learning Center, Joshua Phillips, plans to travel to New York City for Christmas. After graduation he plans on traveling overseas. He’s also familiar with TSA checkpoints at airports.

“I think all the protocols with TSA are just a way of life now,” Phillips said, “it’s for everyone’s safety.”

To read more on what can and can’t be brought through security visit

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