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Q and A: Dr.Tampa Nannen, Dean of students

Cecilia Kohl, Staff Writer

Q:What is your roll here at TJC?

A:”I am the Dean of students for Tyler Junior College.”

Q:Where are you located at on campus?

A:”In the iconic academic building, Jenkins Hall, room J-106.”

Q:How did you find your self here at TJC?

A: “Texas has two universities flagships, UT and Texas A & M, Those are the Motherships. Now in community colleges in Texas I personally personally viewed TJC as the flagship community college in Texas. So when I had opportunity to interview here on campus, I looked at that as an open door and I walked through it.”

Q:When did you decided to become a Doctor in higher education?

A:”I was teaching part time at Lon Morris College, which is closed down now, in Jacksonville. I was teaching developmental mathematics. I had a dream one night that the president of Lon Morris College, who was a very dear gentleman came to me and said. Tam, I am sorry but we are not going to have a job for you next year because we are not going to offer developmental mathematics. I woke up in a cold sweat. I was in a state of shock and disappointment. I realized that it was a dream but what it helped me realize my passion in life. My passion was for teaching in higher education. That started my long and beautiful journey in becoming a Doctor in higher education.”

Q:What is weird about Jacksonville?

A:”Jacksonville is know to be the tomato capitol of the world. Our tomatoes can beat others on taste, on size, and any other way you can think!”

Q:What is your favorite thing to eat at the cafeteria?

A:”I like it when they do their stir fry dishes. Hands down one of my favorites there.”


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