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Robert M. Rogers on Schedule to be Opened

While it may seem that construction is taking a long time, contractors are not skipping a beat, as the Robert M. Rogers Nursing and Health Sciences Center is right on schedule.

“Our construction managers at risk (construction contractor), HGR+Turner feel our schedule is attainable,” said Bill King, Tyler Junior College executive director of facilities and construction.

Although unexpected weather conditions have caused a minor set back, contractors are making up for the lost time and moving forward. The building is expected to open Spring 2015. Architects from Smith Group JJR, designed the nursing and health building. Construction workers are currently pouring the concrete floors that support the building.

From the end of February and through the next 45 to 60 days, they are expecting to lay the brick on the building, start the mechanical, electrical and plumbing elements. In the beginning of March, they are expecting to install the steel roof for the building and in November the furniture will be moved into the building.

“The building is providing a world class learning environment for students,” said King.

Robert M. Rogers building will be 130,000 square feet and four stories high. The new building is expected to amplify the nursing and science programs by tripling laboratory space and lecture halls. There will be additional academic programs such as occupational therapy assistant, physical therapy assistant, wellness and exercise specialist and dental assistant as well as a night RN program. The new programs are expected to bring in 900 students.

“Students can expect a modern setting and see exact examples of what is in hospitals,” said Rita Allen, Tyler Junior College special projects assistant.

Meetings were held to involve students in the building process to see what they suggested to be incorporated in the building. Architects worked to meet these expectations. Students majoring in nursing and health and science have a new expansion to look forward to.

For more information about the building and local firms partnering for this project visit

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