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Student Senate officially recognizes History and Archeology Club

Student Senate announced a recognition of the TJC Webb Society History and Archeology Club at their last meeting for the 22/23 school year.

President Serena Regalado presented to the attendees on behalf of her organization.

“We just try to foster appreciation for history in like fun unique ways,” Regalado said.

The organization was recently approved by Student Senate, but the club was still actively working before being recognized. The organization’s adviser, professor of history and anthropology Keith Eppich has been funding their events out of his own pocket until they could fund raise.

“So far he’s been funding everything we do,” Regalado said.

Now that they are officially recognized, the Webb Society History and Archeology Club wants to add more events, reach more students and get students at TJC excited to learn about history.

“We are gonna be starting doing more research projects. I’m doing one coming up. It’s going to be due in October. And there’s like cash prizes,” Regalado said. “Most of the time people don’t actually do the research projects, I’ll be honest, but we offer them. We allow people to opt to go do like research projects in the library to have artifacts in the library like East Texas that we let people do research on if they want to.”

Besides research, the organization hosts game nights and film nights that any student is free to join.

The Webb Society History and Archeology Club has a display in Jenkins showing works of Maya Ceramics. Photo by Garrett Snyder.

“We do like historical games, we do senate which is basically its a chariot racing game that they used to play, I think it’s like Roman, you just go around the board and try to get all your chariots off of the board first. We did pharaoh, which is basically like a gambling game technically that they played more of in the Wild West,” Regalado said.

The group also goes to conferences where fellow history and archeology enthusiasts can learn and share their knowledge, and they attend historical events such as their upcoming battle of Jefferson reenactment.

“It’s a civil war reenactment,” Vice President Jack Riddell said. “Everyone comes together, and we watch the battle unfold.”

The reenactment uses fake bullets for safety.

Now that they are recognized, the organization is eager to reach new students who are just as excited to learn as they are.

“If you’re interested in getting involved, show up to our meetings,” Regalado said. “Come play games, watch films with us.”

The TJC Webb Society History and Archeology Club will be joining other recognized organizations on OrgSync starting next semester. For those interested in getting involved, visit their new page or talk to the faculty adviser, Eppich.

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