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Students Share Worst Dating Fails

If you find yourself dreamy eyed and marking a red heart around Feb. 14 don’t be alarmed if your high hopes turn into a broken heart. TJC News asked a few students to share their Valentines date gone wrong.

If you find yourself dreamy eyed and marking a red heart around Feb. 14, don’t be alarmed if your high hopes turn into a broken heart. The Apache Pow Wow asked a few students to share their stories of Valentine’s Day date gone wrong.

As lovely of a holiday that it is, it’s surprising how many people truly dislike Valentine’s Day. The tragic stories people have to tell about what has happened to them on Valentine’s Day is a a sharp contrast of how people really want to spend this holiday.

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John Garza, a TJC cheerleader described his speedy end to a relationship. Garza happened to be dating the daughter of the police officer who pulled him over on Valentine’s Day for speeding. Instead of receiving big fat chocolates, Garza received a big fat speeding ticket. Later on, the dad told Garza’s girlfriend to text him saying, “Happy Valentine’s day, you got a speeding ticket,” as if it was from her. Garza said, “It wasn’t the best Valentines gift I’ve received.” The relationship didn’t end immediately after this bump in the road, but sure enough, it ended.

Another student, who is now married, shared a story about a scary Valentine’s date with one of his ex-girlfriends. The couple at the time decided it would be cool to go riding on back roads for Valentine’s day, except they quickly got a scary awakening seeing a mysterious person just walking out by the fields. The couple decided to stop and asked if everything was ok and if he needed any help.

“We asked him if he needed a phone or anything, but it was still suspicious that he was out there on his own,” the student said.

Later that night when the sun went down, they almost ran over the same person as he appeared from out of nowhere while the couple was still driving.

“She was driving, luckily nothing bad happened but it was pretty scary,” the student said.

A man on a mission to conquer his crush in high school never gave up on his date until he got the cheek. Brian Daniel, attending TJC this semester, had his eye on a classmate his junior year and he knew Valentine’s Day was coming up, so it was the perfect chance to finally ask her on a date. On Valentine’s Day he gave her a gift basket along with the awkward question to go out on a date. He knew by the way she answered she didn’t really want to, but she still said yes. Daniels had some hope until they get to the date and had absolutely nothing to talk about, shortly he found out they had nothing in common. After a movie and dinner, while dropping her off he still insisted on getting a kiss.

“Well, once I leaned in she gave me the cheek,” Daniel said.

Shane Newton, a current TJC student was dating a girl during his junior year of high school. The couple had planned on going to a movie for Valentine’s Day. He and his girlfriend agreed to meet up at the theater, only to find out his girlfriend’s mom decided to stay for the movie as well.

“It turned out being a date with her mom. It was very awkward; I had to sit in the middle of both of them,” Newton said.

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Later after the movie, the mom insisted on how much she enjoyed the movie and didn’t realize the date wasn’t supposed to have included her. After this date, there weren’t many more movies for the couple to watch because they broke up.

Unluckily for Vivian Ezeigwe, her flowery disaster happened in high school. Her boyfriend at the time had given her flowers for Valentines Day. She later found out those flowers really weren’t for her because he had stolen them from his friend.

“So I didn’t know who the flowers were really for,” Ezeigwe said. She confesses with a smile on her face that he made up for it the next year with a teddy bear half her size.


Sophomore Dallas Matula got a message in a bottle on Valentine’s Day only to find the biggest mistake an admirer should never make when writing someone a card.

“A guy wrote me a letter and put it in a wine bottle, and I mean it was really cute but he spelled my name wrong,” said Matula.

Matula knew the guy from a few classes, but they weren’t friends so she was surprised when he simply walked up and gave her the wine bottle.

“It was cute, and I still have it. It was just shocking,” Matula confesses.

As Valentines Day comes closer, don’t forget to share your Valentine’s Day horror stories with us on Facebook. (No names please, to protect the unfortunate).

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