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Summer Semester

As the end of the school year nears, many TJC students are looking forward to a fun and relaxing summer vacation. However while some students see a break, other students see an opportunity to get closer to reaching their educational goals in one of TJC’s summer semesters.

“One thing that we (Admission Services) would like to emphasize is the Mid-Summer Session,” said Tom Elder, director of admission services/registrar. “It allows time for students to complete their spring semester, whether at TJC or a university, and complete additional hours during the summer. Once the classes are over, students have time for a mini-vacation prior to the start of the fall term.”

This summer there is also an opportunity for financial aid, and there are steps that students need to take if financial aid is needed.

Director of Financial Aid, Devon Wiggins said that first students must register for summer classes, and all registered financial aid students are considered for grants. Grants are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis to eligible students. In addition, only students who have remaining Pell Grants available for the year (students who attended less than full-time in the fall and spring) will be guaranteed a Pell Grant. Students should also be aware that summer funds are limited and generally run out within the first week of summer registration. Students who want to be considered for loan awards and did not use their full annual amount for the year, must fill out an award adjustment form. Notifications on both awards and non-awards are posted on Apache Access.

Once students are registered and are ready to start classes, there are some tips and advice to help students stay focused and give themselves the best chance to succeed in their summer classes.

“Since we meet every day Monday through Thursday, what I would recommend to students is that they allow some time every day after class to do their homework,” said Jenelle Reynolds, professor of mathematics/developmental education. “The biggest issue that students face is falling behind. And once they get behind, they struggle so much to move forward and get back on track and since it’s only five weeks it’s incredibly fast. Don’t get behind, schedule some time to study, and I recommend that you get a partner or put together a study group.”

Registration for all summer terms started on April 6, and is open until May 27. Payment must be made by the day after the deadline, May 28.

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