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Technology in class debate

Advanced technology is everywhere, and it has revolutionized history all around the world. But many instructors debate about allowing students to use it in oreder to help them with their assignments.

Desktops, laptops, iPads, tablets are instruments designed to help people and do assignments easier and faster, but how about using it in classroom?.

This is the topic many people debate because some are in favor of students using it in classroom and some people are not.laptop

“If it is used properly it’s wonderful, otherwise it can be a big problem,” said Steve Green, math professor at Tyler Junior College.

At TJC many professor allow students to use their electronic devices to take notes or to use it for a school related purposes.

“Bringing technology into the classroom it’s what we’re really working on. Because that’s the way it’s going,” said Kay Lynn Moran, teaching professor at TJC. “But on the downside I think it can almost be something that’s not that good.”

On the other hand, TJC teachers who do not allow students to use any kind of technology in the class (specially computers) find it distracting for  students who are using it and other students around them. Therefore, it is prohibited to even take it out of the backpack sometimes.

However, it seems that many students are dependents of technology to have an easier way to do homework and to understand the material being taught. So, when it is time for a class with a instructor who does not allow technology to be used in the class it may be a struggle for the student. Although many students use technology, someof them still support the teachers’ decision about not allowing technology inside the class.

“It wouldn’t bother me, that’s the rule of their class,” said Alyse Williams, freshman at TJC.

Some students comprehend that the use of technology in class is should be used in an appropriate way.

“Whenever you have to actually take notes and if you can use technology it would be helpful, but in other class where it’s hands-on I don’t think so,” said Megan Benton, freshman at TJC.

We are surrounded by technology that we do not even think about or have any idea of what it can provide us. For example, video chats with another classes in another part of the world.

“I went to one where students were talking to a class in Germany;” said Moran.

Every person has his/her own opinion about using technology in class , and everybody should know how to take advantage of advanced technology; a great opportunity to enjoy it in the present.



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