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Tips on being eco-friendly in college

By Mary Mone
Online and Copy Editor

Graphic by Mary Mone

Many college students struggle to be eco-friendly between all the prepackaged meals and the free handouts, but when simple steps are implemented into a daily routine, even the busiest college student can live green with these five simple steps.
The first thing any college student can do is be thrifty. In many college towns there are secondhand shops where students can find used furniture or even revamping old stuff you may already own. Not only does this save you money, but it can help with waste.
The second thing any college student can do is to unplug appliances. To cut down on wasted electricity and wasted dollars, simply use a power strip and turn the strip off when leaving the dorm.
The third eco-friendly strategy is cutting down on paper usage. On, they speak about the amount of waste a college student accumulates. “The average college student produces a whopping 640 pounds of trash annually, the majority of which accumulates at the end of the year during move-out.” There are many ways to cut down on paper. One of the most obvious ways includes only printing what’s necessary and using paper products that are made from 80%-100% recycled paper. According to, “recycled products, especially paper products, are available in most stores now, and purchasing these items makes a big difference in the recycling industry. In many cases, they don’t cost any more than traditional products either.” Another way to cut down on paper is to use washable towels instead of paper towels.
The fourth way one can keep an eco-friendly lifestyle is to avoid water waste. There are many ways to conserve water including turning off the water when you’re not using it. For example, one can turn the water off when putting shampoo in or when brushing their teeth. Another way to conserve water is to only do laundry when you have a full load, wasting the least amount of water you can per week.
The fifth way to live sustainability is to reuse and recycle. This way is over spoken in society, but when actually followed, it can be effective. According to, “make it a point to buy products with recycled contents and/or recyclable packaging and start a backyard composting bin for yard clippings and donate your unwanted furniture, appliances, and clothing so that they may be reused.”
As a college student, time is spread out in so many areas that it can be overwhelming trying to be eco-friendly. The way to start is to begin with little accessible things that can be implemented into a daily routine. Beginning with little things on the day to day will allow for a more eco-conscious lifestyle that will grow over time.

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