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TJC choir director initiates new approach Dr. Posada takes over as head of the choir program with new ambitions in mind


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Dr. Eric Posada joined the TJC community this semester, taking a directing role for the school’s choral department. The Texas Tech Alumni and former assistant director of choral activities at Texas A&M University will lead TjC’s choirs into their next chapter.

Posada said that he is looking forward to expanding the choirs’ outreach this semester:“One of my goals particularly with the choirs is to bring more public awareness and make sure people know we are doing some exceptional work with our choir program.”

To accomplish this objective, Posada hopes to find additional performances for the choir to participate in outside of the two already required. One opportunity he plans to offer students is a tryout for the Texas two year all state choir: “You audition and if you make the choir you go in February to Texas Music Educators Association and you are a part of this big choir made up of other two year all staters,” he said. He also plans to encourage students to attend the Southwest American choral director’s association honor choir which features a world class clinician that works with the students over a weekend.

In Posada’s own words he plans to spend much of his time “, finding more opportunities for our students to be a part of more performances and other opportunities for them to sing and be highlighted for their great work.”

This will be a huge undertaking but Dr.Posada’s resume speaks toward his capability to handle the challenge. He has spent over a decade working with liturgical music and has directed choruses that have performed at Carnegie hall, in Germany and in Canada. Now, after taking a year off for paternity leave, Posada has decided to return to his passion for music.

He added that he was looking forward to his first experience in the Texas junior college community: “I was pleased to read up on the history and know that TJC has been established for a long period of time and are doing some things to kind of almost reflect a 4 year university but still at a 2 year college.”

He is fairly new to Tyler and greater East Texas, but he said that he was initially impressed by TJC: “Even when I first visited campus and I was interviewing, I just thought it was a beautiful campus,” Posada said. Posada was also enthusiastic about his new co-workers: “I came and interviewed here and immediately felt like a part of the family with the music faculty here. I knew that it would be a great fit and I think it makes a big difference when you enjoy working with your colleagues and your boss.”

Posada said that he had enjoyed his first 5 weeks with the students as well: “I’ve missed working with students…having an opportunity to do that again is what appeals to me from day in and day out,” he said.

And although most of his time devoted to teaching , Dr. Posada also stays busy outside of musical endeavors.

“ I started taking Krav Maga. That’s an Israeli self-defense. I loved boxing so that was one of my hobbies so I was trying to find an opportunity to get involved here in the community, He said. Posada also shared his passion for sports: “ I love watching sports. I am a huge Dallas Cowboys fan.”

Looking from Posada’s passions for TJC music to sports, it seems that Dr. Posada is all set to thrive here, but he had something to add that might make his time here even more worthwhile.

“for me it was also important for me in my interview to share that I am now having a son and having gone through college and finished and such [I want] to be able to relate to students that are here and some of the obstacles that they may have had coming to TJC,” he said.

Posada mentioned that he was raised on a lack of financial means so he wants to ensure his students can succeed through their own struggles.

“ I want to be available and approachable to students here at TJC while increasing or raising the standards of our

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