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TJC Homecoming elections canceled but Senate elections will continue

By Michael Bald
Managing and Design Editor

Graphic by Michael Bald

The Tyler Junior College Elections Committee has decided to cancel Homecoming and its elections for the spring semester.
After the cancellation of Homecoming in the fall semester, the original plan was to have it in the spring. However, the Elections Committee has decided to cancel the event entirely.
“The Elections Committee is mainly focusing on Student Senate Elections and finding people to stand up for the executive vice president, executive president, secretary, public relations, all those positions,” said Juan Lesser, Vice President of Student Senate.
Though Homecoming elections are canceled, Student Senate Elections will be held from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Tuesday, April 13. Voting Polls will be set up in Jenkins Hall and Rogers Student Center.
“We saw that we couldn’t have Homecoming in the fall semester due to all the restrictions,” Lesser said. “We wanted to do something in the spring hoping everything would calm down more but obviously it wasn’t the ideal year to have Homecoming because of the administration putting all the restrictions on.”
Lesser said he talked with Lauren Tyler, director of Student Life, about rescheduling in fall 2021.
“I’ve already talked to Lauren Tyler and she told me that the next homecoming would be held around October,” Lesser said. “She wants a big festival, very excited for it. Unfortunately, me and most students won’t be here to experience it.”
The Elections Committee is designed to create procedures and standards for any elections happening at TJC.
“The Elections Committee is held to make it a smooth election to be run,” Lesser said. “For the TJC student body, officers and also for homecoming king and queen.”
Lesser said he and the officers tried to come up with alternatives to the situation, including working on events to line up with the release of the COVID-19 vaccines. “We talked within the officers about having a Spring Fling, like a one-time spring-homecoming thing,” Lesser said. “But it didn’t go around as fast so it didn’t really work out in our favor.”

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