By Brianna Murphy
News Editor

Photo by Brianna Murphy

Tyler Junior College continues to offer volunteer opportunities for students with COVID-19 regulations in place.
Due to COVID-19 restrictions, TJC students have found it difficult to find volunteer and service opportunities on campus. “There’s lots of service opportunities but a lot of them are hosted by the various organizations,” Lauren Tyler, director of Student Life, said. TJC’s student and school ran organizations offer several volunteer opportunities guided by special interest.
“It’s been more challenging with recent COVID guidelines for some of them to accept volunteers,” Tyler said. “On campus, student organizations must follow TJC’s COVID-19 guidelines, applying to all volunteer efforts,” Tyler said. “The biggest thing is making sure people are wearing their mask and physical distancing, minimizing the group sizes, just to ensure everyone is safe.”
The COVID-19 protocol applied to classroom settings is transferred onto organizations affiliated with TJC, but outside services will have their own respective protocols. Students can find more information about organizations and service opportunities through TJC’s OrgSync.
“OrgSync is a great place to start in searching by category for service opportunities right here on campus,” Tyler said. The Student Life Center offers advice for students looking for service opportunities if they are facing difficulties in searching.
“[Students can] reach out to the organizations, go to OrgSync, search by service category, contact our office, and look for non-profits within Tyler and Smith County,” Tyler said.
Volunteering can benefit both the organizations and students that donate their time.
“A lot of students do not have work experience, so volunteering, even servicing at an intern capacity, is another way to gain some work experience because they may not have that experience in that certain field,” Tyler said.
Students should “look for something that they are passionate about or care about and then pursue that sort of non-profit organization or that organization to volunteer with,” Tyler said. Selecting volunteer opportunities that align with student’s talents, passions, and career paths can reap multiple benefits. Regarding volunteer searching, “you are going to be more passionate about volunteering there and enjoy it