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Turning Point USA gives students a place to discuss beliefs openly

Turning Point is a less-than year-old organization at TJC. While they are in schools across the U.S., the TJC chapter was recognized by Student Senate in spring 2022.

“Turning Point USA exists to educate students about the importance of freedom, free markets, limited government, and limited taxation,” according to their Orgsync.

As a TPUSA member, students can connect with different people who have different views on social issues. They believe that understanding that there is different point of views and being able to respect one another is crucial in shaping the future of America. TPUSA’s goal is to bring awareness to citizens of their rights, and how they can unite to bring change, according to their website.

Amanda J. Ratcliff is the adviser for the TJC TPUSA organization. “It’s important
to be educated about these things,” Ratcliff said. “I think a lot of students, just kind of go along their daily lives, and they don’t really think about their own liberties and their own freedoms.”

TPUSA has opportunities and events where students are encouraged to talk about their views on different subjects such as

meetings, service projects and speaking events. TPUSA meetings are held at 4 p.m. on every second and fourth Thursday of the month at the Rogers Student Center, Spirit Room, first floor.

“Anybody can join. You just show up to an event, say you want to join, we’ll put you on the list. There are no dues, nor membership fees. It’s easy,” Ratcliff said.

As a member, students decide how involved they want to be. “If [the student] wants to go for a board position, they’d have more responsibility with planning events and communicating and generate more members. As a regular member, just show up or maybe help with events,” Ratcliff said.

TPUSA has an Instagram account @TPUSA.TJC where they showcase the interactions from events and post meeting reminders. During these events and meetings, “students will interact with students who disagree with them about some of these issues. And that’s a good activity, to be able

to exchange ideas in a common respectful

manner, and then sort of try to find some common ground and find out, are we really that different?” Ratcliff said.

While the group is non-partisan, according to their constitution and bylaws, there are a few political figures who support the national organization, such as former Deputy Assistant to the President, Dr. Sebastian Gorka, and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz.

Students can get involved at a national level by visiting where they can participate as activists, influencers, mentors, buy merchandise and more. For more information regarding TJC’s TPUSA, visit Orgsync or contact TPUSA adviser, Ratcliff via email at

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