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What are the benefits of being involved in clubs or organizations during your college years?

College campuses offer endless opportunities to get involved during the semester, and according to research, the benefits are substantial. On the TJC campus alone, there are 28 clubs and organizations. There is also the option to create a new club.

“My life would not be the same if it were not for me getting involved,” Dean West, executive secretary of student senate said. “I’ve had many travel opportunities as well as experience from those opportunities.”

The Student Senate is responsible for all the clubs and organizations at TJC.

“I attended a conference over resume building and it was hosted by the career center at Texas A&M.; So I think that is one of the main things you can get is from those travel opportunities is meeting and networking with those who will give you some insight to which career path you want to pursue,” said West.

Educational research, by the National Survey of Student Engagement, shows that there are many benefits from being engaged in social settings such as clubs and organizations. The involvement helps improve time management skills and offers a great connection or level of satisfaction with college life. Plus, meaningful involvement in extracurricular activities can give you the needed edge when competing for scholarships and future jobs.

A student who wants to bulk up their resume, but isn’t sure where to start should consider exploring clubs offered on the campus. Joining a club or organization can help develop and strengthen leadership skills. Also, listing the involvement on a resume is known to make the resume appear solid and well-rounded.

“The organization I am involved in, Life Challenge Tyler, is encouraging,” said Matthew Burns, radiology major. “ Most of the people are younger than me, but it’s a healthy break when we meet because it is a lot of positive encouragement.”

Research shows joining a club or organization that explores your interests and passions can actually boost your self-esteem and set your goals even higher.

“I have seen several instances where a student has excelled due to their involvement in a organization,” said Lauren Tyler, director of student activities. “If a student comes to me, I suggest going to a Student Senate meeting to see what organization they are most interested in. Students that are involved in clubs are typically more likely to graduate because they have found that connection.”

The Student Senate meets in Jenkins Hall in room 1109 every other week at 4 p.m. The list of clubs can be found online at

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