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Spare change is turning up in surprising places



Students are always in need of some extra cash due to their busy lives, juggling work and education. There is money in the least expected of places. It can be found at home or in a dormitory. It’s all about thinking intently where to look.

“I usually use my money to pay my bills and when I am broke I go to my last resort, my drawer. My drawer is where I keep all my change. I strictly rely on that change for gas money,” said Jaymy Villalobos, criminal justice major.

Many people tend to take coins for granted. Coins add up and there is an easier way to use them than having to dump a bag of change in front of a cashier. There is a machine located in many supermarkets, such as Super One or Brookshire’s, called a Coin Star that will transform all that change into a cash voucher.

“There isn’t anything I wouldn’t do when I need money, I just about put my clothes to sell, or pawn my expensive jewelry. I don’t have the luxury to sit and wait with my arms crossed for my next paycheck. When you have a 2 year-old, you have to do whatever is necessary, “ said Alejandra Gomez, a general studies major.

There are also pawnshops and stores that are willing to buy old items, in reasonable condition, of course.

First, there is Plato’s closet, located at 322 E. Southeast Loop 323 located in Tyler. It is meant for women who are looking to sell as well as buy quality, branded clothes. It’s open Monday through Friday 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. Weekend hours vary. For more information call (903) 534- 2956.

There are also various pawnshops located in Tyler, where anything can be pawned from an old television to your late mother’s gold bracelet. There are at least 6 pawnshops in town, so there is no settling on any prices.

Hastings, located at 4015 S. Broadway Ave. is the only video store remaining in Tyler. It gives you the option of buying back books (non textbooks), videos or DVD’S. Hastings is open Monday through Thursday 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. Weekends till 11 p.m. For more information call (903) 534-9278.

Another good option, without driving all over town, is grabbing all unwanted clothing, old radios, old anything and setting up an old-fashioned yard sale on a weekend. The only factor to worry about is whether the weather is going to be great, otherwise there will be other weekends ahead.

“When I am in need of cash, I would just simply go to the bank and ask for a loan. Maybe it isn’t a good idea to ask for a big amount just something that you can pay off in 2 months,” said Yadhira Sandoval,a nursing major.



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