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Crawford Off Broadway

Dr. David Crawford expresses his many theatrical talents within the walls of the Tyler Junior College Theater program.

Last year Crawford’s very own play was performed in New York, which is famous for it’s classic Broadway plays and musicals.

“It was called ‘Harvest’ and it ran last spring right off of Broadway,” said Crawford. “In a brief sense, it was about a man’s decision between what he wants to do and what others want him to do,”added Crawford. “[The experience] was good. We had a good cast and director and producer. It was all done very well. It exceeded my expectations,”said Crawford.

When it came to his own plays and involvement in theater, Crawford drew from respected and renowned artists.

” I am inspired by Eugene O’Neal, Tennessee Williams, Arthur Miller and Horton Foot-those are just playwrights,” said Crawford. “[I’m also inspired by] true professional New York theatre. It’s creative and if you’ve never seen it you can’t understand it. That’s why I take a class up there every year. I think if you teach theater ala professional New York theater, you need to know what you’re talking about,” said Crawford.

Crawford’s passion for theater was not something that occurred over night, it was something that has grown within him from his youth.

“I started [liking theater] in high school,” said Crawford. “I found out that I could major in it, had fun, kept going and never stopped. I liked it more than anything. I mean…gee whiz,” said Crawford.

With an Associate of Arts from TJC, a Bachelor of Science from UNT, a Master of Arts from SFA, and 32 years at TJC under his belt, Crawford more than qualified for the position of Department Chair.

“I normally teach Theater Appreciation, which is just the appreciation of theater,” said Crawford. “I also teach History, Stage Make-up and Voice and Diction,” said Crawford.

For Crawford to have been involved with theater for many years, one wonders why he loves playwright.

“Why do you do it….what compels me to playwright,” Crawford asked himself. “It is more of an enjoyment and a creative fulfillment than a job. Its an outlet of my creative urge. It’s a hobby but for money….no.”

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