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Students tutored at Learning Loft

With a couple of weeks down, possibly an exam or two taken, students may be wondering how and where to begin to improve their grades.

The Learning Loft, located on the third floor of Rogers Student Center, offers free tutoring to students in many core subjects and some electives.

Walking into the Learning Loft, students may notice the murals, bright colors and laid back setting.

“Studies show that a colorful environment stimulates people to stay awake and alert,” Tracey Williams, tutor coordinator/learning specialist and licensed professional counselor said.

Students attending The University of Texas at Austin are paying $13.50 per 45 to 50- minute tutoring session.

UT only provides students with five free coupons for tutoring, where as Tyler Junior College offers free tutoring all semester.

By this point in the semester, students may have found they have trouble learning in a group environment. Therefore, TJC provides a free one-on-one tutoring service that is easily accessible.

Once the student has entered the center and registered, they will receive a contact information sheet to reach a tutor in the area of study needed. From this point on, it is up to the student to contact a tutor and set up times for help.

“I signed up for tutoring early in the semester to get an ‘A’ in my course. I wasn’t getting the needed help in a group environment,” Nora Sharif, whose tutored by Jared Lovett, said.

Many believe in order to receive tutoring, they must be failing a class, but that is not the case. Anyone, regardless of their grades, may receive the help they need.

“There’s no shame in getting tutoring,” Williams said.

“This free resource at TJC is helping students succeed. By far, college algebra is the most requested subject for assistance. Math is pretty much the most requested subject for tutoring at most colleges,” Williams said.

Not only can students receive help on a specific subject by going over materials, but there are also “opportunities to learn to be more organized and developing better study habits,” Kevin Fitts, current tutor and November’s tutor of the month said.

Not only does one receive educational help, but professional counseling is available as well.

Not only can students benefit greatly from improving their studies, they can also learn to handle personal issues better as well.

Any interested student is encouraged to take advantage of this free service provided by TJC.

The Learning Loft desk is open to students Monday through Thursday 8 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. and Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

After registering with the Learning Loft, students may meet and receive help at the convenience of their tutor.

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