With the end of the semester coming to a close it also brings a start of a brand new semester. New classes, new people, new things to do. The beginning of a new semester can always be stressful for incoming students and students continuing their academic journey. There are a few different people and resources on campus to make students feel a little bit less stressed. Whether it be financial situations making it hard for a student or even the social aspect of finding new friends and clubs to join, TJC has a organization or person you can turn to for support.


Brad Gifford, director of TRIO programs, oversees student support services and educational opportunity centers.  TRIO is made to work with current students who are majoring in four-year degrees such as education majors, science majors or business majors or students currently taking their basics. “Our goal is to work with low-income first-generation students and students that have a disability either an academic or physical disability, to help them be more successful here at TJC,” Gifford said. These are just a few of the things that TRIO does to help students. Here are some suggestions for current and new students going in to the spring semester.

-Fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid the F.A.F.S.A.

-Constantly looking for on-and off-campus scholarships

-TRIO helps students with financial literacy 

-Renting textbooks instead of buying textbooks 

-If you plan on being at TJC in the fall 2024 semester the  general TJC scholarship application is available 

Fun Fact: ” TJC gives over almost $4 million out a year to students,” Gifford said.


Danna Baggett is the director of Academic Services. “So I have the wonderful opportunity to be able to be over our tutoring department, as well as our new Center for Academic Exams, where we do online testing for students,” Baggett said. In the Tutoring Center they help students comprehend the various topics that they’re studying in class. It’s a free to use resource where all you have to do is set up a appointment and meet them in the Tutoring Center on the first floor of the library. The new center for testing on campus is for online and in-person classes. Professors set up times for their students to go take a test. Grades are always a thought on a students mind. Baggett has a few suggestions to help lighten the load. 

-Plenty of rest and eating right

-Before you start to stress about a class, go to tutoring for the class

-Talk to your professors about what they think you can work on 

-Prep for test a week prior to the test 


Lauren Tyler, director of Student Life, sets up all the activities that happen on campus. She tries to improve students experiences outside of the classroom. Going to events can not only open up students to new friends but also experience in the field they’re going into.” You know, we want everybody to, you know, feel like they’re a part of the campus, right, students that do that typically are more successful,” Tyler said. Tyler also had some other tips and suggestions for students.

-Go to campus events 

-Join clubs

-Go to the involvement fairs 

-Join clubs that pertain to your major 

-Take advantage of all the free stuff you can get as a college student


Tracey Williams is the only counselor on campus. Students can go to her to talk about things that are causing stress or just to vent about their frustration. For new and continuing students, she has a few suggestions to make lives  just a little easier. 

-Set a schedule, even for out-of-class activities such as studying, exercise and social activities. Having a routine is one of the keys to good mental health.

-Connect with your advisers and professors, get to know them.

-Recognize signs of stress such as changes in energy, appetite, sleep and mood.

-Get help by confiding in friends and utilizing campus resources when you begin to feel overly stressed.

-Recognize this is a challenging time for your parents and family as well.  Give grace toward them as they are adjusting to the changes, much like you.


Brad Gifford, Director of TRIO Programs 

EOC and SSS Rogers Student Center 301  

Phone: 903-510-2612 Email: bgif@tjc.edu

Danna Baggett 

Director- Tutoring Services 

LRC 204   

Phone: 903-510-3114 Email: dree@tjc.edu

Lauren Tyler 

Director- Student Life

RSC-2nd floor

Phone: 903-510-2611 Email: ltyl@tjc.edu

Tracey Williams  

Counselor/Learning Specialist 

RSC 302 

Phone: 903-510-2041 Email: twil@tjc.edu

Academic Advising

Monday-Wednesday, Friday 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Thursday 8 a.m. – 7 p.m.  

RSC Phone: 903-510-3287  

Devon Wiggins

 Director- Financial Aid and Enrollment Support

 Phone: 903-510-2385 Email: faid@tjc.edu

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