College partners with Timely Care app to provide free health services


For years now, Tyler Junior College has faced the issue of having one counselor serving the entire campus. A solution to alleviate this problem has been presented to students that can be carried in the palm of one’s hand.

The Timely Care app has partnered with TJC to provide services for students free of charge.

These services include both the MedicalNow and TalkNow modules that provide on-demand aid as well as scheduled counseling sessions, health coaching and medical assistance, all by licensed professionals.

Client Success Leader at Timely MD, Griffin Sharp said, “All the services are coming at no cost to students. No credit card required. No insurance required. Students can simply register a free account and connect with a medical or mental health professional right away.”

Although every module is supplied freely, there are some limitations.

“Students have six scheduled counseling visits per year through the Timely Care platform. The medical, TalkNow and health coaching services are all unlimited,” Sharp said. “There’s also psychiatry services that are available. To get access to psychiatry, students will go to in-person counseling and the in-person counselor will provide the student with a referral code so they can get access to that resource.”

Psychiatrists treat more complex mental health disorders and prescribe medication whereas psychologists and counselors treat less severe conditions that don’t require prescriptions.

With the need for mental health aid for students, administration acknowledged this issue and devised a plan, which was initiated by two determining factors according to the dean of students, Dr. Tampa Nannen.

The first component was recognizing the need for additional resources. After finding a suitable corporation to partner with, it was shown that the services provided were very costly. Executive administrators began to find ways to cover these services without affecting student fees.

“In 2021, TJC received grant monies through the Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund that were designed to make it possible for institutions to implement projects like telehealth services,” Nannen said.  TJC’s executive 

administration reviewed and accepted the proposal from TimelyMD to provide an extensive array of telehealth services, beyond the scope of the mental health services that were initially sought.”

Some students say that this app may help meet their personal needs.

Computer Science major Londairion Calloway said, “Balancing between work and school has left me with less time for the gym. I’m definitely going to be using the health coaching service to help with my fitness.”

Timely Care services are accessible for students anytime they need it.

“It’s available 24/7, 365 days, holidays, weekends and during breaks for all students,” Sharp said. “It’s available both in state and out of state as well. So, if a student is traveling out of state for an athletic event or traveling home for any reason, students can use it in whatever state they’re in across the country.”

Timely Care can be downloaded on all devices through the app store or can be acquired online at